Top 5 Honda Motorbikes

Motorbikes are vehicles that offer a tough competition to the car, especially in terms of the speed and acceleration. There are some motorcycles that can move faster than a car. Different manufacturers make motorbikes with varied specifications. One of the leading manufacturers of motorbikes in the world is Honda. There a number of Honda motorbikes in the UK and here is a look at some of the top models;

1. Honda CBF125
This motorbike may not be as elegant in the design as the other models, though it comes with amazing features and performance. Above all, it is quite affordable, compared to other models. It has a brilliant racing pedigree and it is a great motorbike that you would want to consider. The speed and acceleration are great and very much satisfying.

2. Honda CBR1000RR
This is another top Honda motorbike for sale that has a great design and performance as well. It comes with indicators that are oval-shaped. It is fitted with an ABS system that is electronically controlled. This makes it super easy to handle on the road. It is considered as the first ever ABS-equipped super bike in the entire world. Regardless of the high performance, you will till enjoy handling it like any other motorbike. It has an advanced system that will only be active when you come in a tight, braking situation. It is a brake-by-wire system, which will help you stay safe and control the super bike easily.

3. Honda MSX125
This is a very quick machine that is also quite smooth to handle. It is also big and will offer you with comfort and elegance. The design is elegant and it has some powerful lights that make it a complete super bike on the road. It is somewhat expensive, which can cost more than £2699. Regardless of its high price, you will be sure of enjoying it on the road.

4. Honda CTX1300
The styling of this motorbike is amazingly elegant and it cruises swiftly on the road. It handles everything perfectly though it will not have as many features as the other top motorbikes. It is easy to ride and manage it, despite weighing about 338kgs. The motorbike also has a quiet motor that you may not realize if it is running or not.

5. Honda VFR800 VTEC
This is another top Honda motorbike that has some amazing performances and the design is also elegant. It is a machine that is quite easy to handle and it is loaded with some extra features. For instance, it has the Sprint ST and delivers a ride that is plush enough. The suspension is slightly soft and it will not dive towards the front side when you hold the brakes. The CBS system will out most of the force of the braking on the rear disc. This helps to balance the motorbike and make it more comfortable.

These are the top 5 Honda Motorbikes in Northern Ireland and the UK and they have a number of features that you can highly depend on. Some might be pricey, but they have an amazing delivery of performance. Find thousands of motorcycles for sale on